Bryan Elliott

At age 28, Bryan Elliott, pianist for Gold City, already has over a decade of tenure in full-time gospel muisc. Born December 19, 1985, he developed a love for music at an early age. By the time he was in 6th grade, he was opening for artists that a local promoter would bring into the area. He would later attend a concert by The Trio where Anthony Burger told him to go to NQC if he wanted to pursue gospel music as a full-time vocation. At age 15, Bryan did just that. He went to his first NQC in 2001 and tried out for the Anchormen while he was there. The following Monday, he came home from school and had a call that the Anchormen wanted to hire him. With the promise to his mother that he would finish school via home school, his parents gave the blessing for him to begin traveling.

Later, Bryan left the Anchormen and subsequently became the pianist for the Perrys prior to joining Gold City in September 2010. Bryan says he has enjoyed every single minute of being a part of gospel music. He says that he’s never met nicer people than those in gospel music, and he considers it a blessing to be a part of the industry. Two musicians Bryan greatly admires are Gordon Mote and Jason Webb.

Bryan, who makes his home in LaGrange, GA, with wife Kelly, daughters Marlee and Brooklen and son Kolten, says it’s incredible what God has done for him in allowing him to be a full-time musician. He knows God has given him the gift of music, and he is honored to give his talents back to the Lord each time he steps on stage.

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